I was initially going to ask Freddie some questions and formulate this into a piece of my own take, but I changed my mind. I've never met Freddie before, but after reaching out to him and simply having a quick conversation, we had a lot more in common than I expected. It's wild how similar experiences and injuries can be with people you have no relation to at all other than that same crazy love for skiing. After receiving some wisdom from the dude himself, it was clear that I should just let his words speak alone. With a little editing and doing our best to break through the language barrier, here is what he had to say. Short but sweet, it holds weight. Listen to the man!

First off, the ‘ski painting’ was ill! How long was that in the works?

Thank you, glad you liked it! I recorded it last spring. But things must be allowed to take time sometimes.


Freddie Grann - skipaint

Where do you get most of your inspiration for stuff like that from?

Good question. Life in overall I guess. I often think of one thing and end up with something completely different.

You put out a sick piece called Freeling around this time last year, where do you draw the line between skiing and art? Or are they one in the same for you?

I have not drawn any line, it is what it is, I like expressions. Art for me is to express yourself.


Freddie Grann - Freeling

Do you think it's a matter of natural talent or if anyone works at it hard enough they can create a form of art?

I think everyone can create, people just have to try to express themselves. Life is an art in itself. It is possible to train yourself in everything.

It feels like the notion that comp guys can’t be creative or have style is somewhat dwindling. Did you ever compete throughout your time in skiing? What’s your take on the debate?

I competed when I was younger, but it was not my thing, it was too much pressure and framed in a box. People like different things. I think there should be more different types of competitions.

I checked out some of your other artwork and jewelry and this dude was one of my favorites! How important is using recycled materials to you?

Thanks! It is just as important to me as it is everyone else, it's just that people have forgotten to think. I try not to buy new things as much as possible. In my house for example: nothing is bought new, everything mostly coming from the dump/secondhand. But my house does not look like a dump, only the things I have are used. People terribly throw so much away that one can still use. As soon as you want something, check the secondhand market.

Do you have any other ski paintings or different pieces in the plans?

Yes! Someone who wants to donate money?


Freddie Grann - NO STANDARD


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