Greetings all,

Im sitting in my room and I figured its time to write a new blog entry cause its dope.  I like it better than a journal because I dont have to do it so much. 

Skiing has been sick lately, cold, but sick.  It seems like it has consisted of alot of park riding though compared to earlier in the season.  I live in Montana and our parks are pretty weak compared to other shit I've been to, but its good enough for me and the spring park riding is really sick so its all worth it.  The powder has treated me very well this year.  Although I think the avalance dangers may get high soon because lately it has been so cold the snow is like hardcore crystals, very rough, lightweight stuff.  I havent even had to hike any backcountry this year because the inbound terrains have been so sick that its just not worth it to make the effort to go back there most of the time.  I did hike a run this weekend on my park skis and it was hardcore trying to make it down, but I got an untracked line on a sick run to say the least.  I give a shoutout to my knees and body for what I've put them through and they have not failed me.  I have been playing it safe this year and not doing any rediculous stunts that have high consequences because I read of too many hurtful threads on NS and all of these AMs/Pros blowing out their knees.  So I also thank NS for reminding me of all these injury threads and to only push my limits where I feel comfortable.  Although, my shin bang is pretty bad right now :(.  I think I need new boots, these Rossi Softboots are just not cutting it, heh.   My skis have been in great condition too, alot of snow up here meant no rocks and me happy.  I've skied with a bunch of new people this year which has been sweet too.  Its helped me progress and has motivated me to ride alot.  Its crazy how many people are into skiing and boarding, I love whoever invented all of this shit.  It Has made life alot more interesting for me.

Im not huge into park riding, but I enjoy it very much.  Im 23 years old now, so it kind of takes its toll on the body, and I'm pretty sore right now from a couple days of riding all day and then a rail jam one night that I entered.  I got 4th out of four people lol, but I entered the pro division even though i have no sponsors or anything but I feel I can compete if the conditions are just right.  It was a pretty cold weekend and the landings were icy.  But I still ended up impressing myself.  The only reason I even entered it was to hopefully make myself step up and do something I've never done before.   The park crew is stepping it up for their old standards and its been fun having the park open for nightskiing and day.  The halfpipe should be open by this weekend, basically if you can make it to Whitefish, Montana this spring, you should and stay for nightskiing and it will be sick.  My air skills havent exactly improved as far as throwing new tricks, but Im getting very comfortable in the air now and just been playing it safe/easy cause our jumps are kind of sketch for one.  And powder and other natural features have been more appealing.  Spring skiing snow conditions is where you will see me throw down my iller bag of tricks.  The superpipe at my mtn should be done this weekend too :)

Also to any people who I may have offended in my posts on NS, I apologize, I get a little to emotional sometimes and some nasty things come out.  It's just my opinion homies, I dont hate any brother or sister of my fellow human race, but I gots to tell it like I see it and NS gives me this opportunity thanks to the Internet and the english language.  

Oh yea, Eminems new CD "RE up" is pretty sick and I enjoyed riding to it, has some great beats for ski vid beats too heh.  Also check out a song by Bonobo, "Flutter"  such a dope beat......Just thought I would share.  Props to THall and Candide, those guys are my heros.  Just killing it nonstop.

Phew, glad to get that off my chest. 

Anyways, yea, that enough, thanks for reading.