Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been in france with no internett. As I said, I went down to les 2 alps for a Danish Red Bull ski camp. The skiing wasen't that good cause it was way to warm down there! But it was a fun place and a bunch of activities to do!
I tried out mountain biking for the first time, pretty fun sport but if I start doing it I'll probably kill myself! We played tennis, ping pong, soccer and soccer tennis. So a lot of fun things to do down there!
A nice steak dinner on top of the mountain!
Phil Casabon showed up and joined us for a couple of days with his girlfriend!
The best part about this place was deffinately the balcony. So nice to come down from the hill, take off all the warm wet clothes, sit down and just lounge in the sun!So all in all a really nice trip!PK