Im Back home in Norway after a intense week at Euro X. The week turned out to be pretty fun, the course got a lot better after our input and advice so the course was actually pretty fun to ski. I placed 10th, 2 spots behind a final spot. Even though I didn´t make finals Im not completely disappointed. We had 2 runs, my 1st run was pretty basic. I just tried to keep it smooth and simple. I was really happy with my run.... until the last jump.... since speed was an issue with the last jump I was gonna end my run with a simple sw 10 mute, probably the most basic trick in skiing, after a sw 7 mute, but I hooked my ski in the take off and lost control. I stomped it but I had absolutely no grab what so ever. So I messed up pretty bad, but I wasen´t that far back. If I grabbed Im pretty sure I would be in the finals. 2nd run, I fell in the trap of the six jumps in one course. Did a small speedcheck where I shouldn´t had and because of that came up a little short. So yeah, not stoked at all but also not that disappointed either. I can really feel the almost year long break I had but im getting there, Slowly but surely. PK Hunder, K2 SKEEZE THE MOVIE 3 from Drew Lederer on Vimeo.Skeeze the movie 3 - edited by, Drew ´´the fatman´´Lederer.Hope it´s okey I posted it;)PK