Frame by Frame is a brand new travel-based photo and film-based series by Kalle Hägglund that documents the life of pro skier Anders Backe. This first photo-based installment documents a recent journey from Norway to Saas Fee, Switzerland for some early season shredding, and will be followed by an edit on the trip in the coming weeks.

"If it wasn't for the friendship and good experiences we have accomplishing goals together we would have never started Frame by Frame," says Anders Backe. "To travel together and experience this life with all the surprises that come along the way is the idea of the whole project."

Anders ready by the check-in at Gardemoen Airport after an early wake up call and four coffees. Waiting for the NT crew to arrive and get in to it!

A crew meeting with some plans for the project written by Kalle on the morning train from Stockholm.

Just arrived Geneva Airport with the hole NTG crew and it’s a process getting all the bags in the trailer before heading south towards Saas Fee.

Apple/wine gardens all over.

You're not allowed to drive cars in Saas Fee, so every hotel has their own electric ”truck” for transport and luggage.

Kalle is looking for some locals mountain goats while Anders is getting his new Head boots dialed in.

Catching a street coffee down in the village.

Storm on the mountain and a closed ski resort means it's time for a David Hasselhoff-like training method at the Aqua Center down in the village.

To head over to the park you have to carve through a minefield of gates that have been up since sunrise.

Anders and Marius Håker (coach at NTG Geilo) getting their timing right.

A new type of pole dance. Tailslide 360 safety grab out the launch rail in the park.

Frame By Frame hooked up with the crew for a private park shoot after closing time.

Everybody heading back from the shoot. Air quality = 0!

Going from 60 - 3500m altitude while tearing your lungs apart is pretty hard in the beginning.

An overview of the park in Saas Fee during the morning hours.

NTG coach Marius Håker airing out his armpits in the ice pit (aka halfpipe).

If you grab with one hand it’s cool, but if you grab with two hands it’s twice as cool!

If you want something done, you have to do it yourself!

Sandra and Vilde, who are the only two girls on skis at NTG, pick up some tips before dropping in.

Anders thought he could sneak away from his birthday on September 19th, but a cake, presents, songs and schnapps were served!

Stay tuned for more from Frame by Frame throughout this winter, including an edit on this trip.