If you ever skied seriously, odds are you probably heard about Whistler. You might of heard fragments of stories here and there... from a friend of a friend... You might even be considering perhaps making a move out west? Where do you start? Is it all worth it?

The amount of wealth circulating within the village is exhilarating. Massive log cabins, famous hotels... all pretty much lying there to accommodate people with priorities way beyond skiing. A mountain town truly led by tourist's needs.

...But what about us? The forgotten ones? The ones willing to thumb it cross country only to get here? The ones living in cars, sheds and tents? The ones who rely on the money they get from empties to pay rent?

Have they forgotten about us?

It's the apparent difference between classes that unites us as a strong community coming together and helping each other out. After all, the first priority is surviving, making it. Skiing is next.

Once you see above the incredible resort that Whistler is, you realize that it is also home to thousands of people just like you and me forming an underground culture that is a pleasure to discover.

Not So Local presents

''Foreign Affair'' an inside view of Whistler's mythical community.

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