I got my 2010 K2 MissDemeanor's a few months ago. I got a sweet deal on em from Al's ski barn! I've had them since March and I've been counting down the days till I'm able to take my first turns on them. Wintersport was my first stop to look for new bindings and boots, because I seriously need a new pair of boots. The pond skip last season drenched them and basically ruined both of em. So totally worth it though. I'm thinking the T3 girlie boots from Salomon and Salomon bindings. I can't wait for this season. I've heard so many things about what the snow is gonna be like, and after La Nina last season, it's gonna be hard to beat. But i'm still stoked. It's hard to beat my mood down if there is snow around. One thing i'm struggling with is deciding what to do with my job situation. As I'm gearing up for this season(literally), i've got some decisions to make. I have a full time, good paying job, but I don't know if I can balance two jobs and skiing. I work up on Mt. Spokane so that one is a no brainer, I wanna be up there everyday. My other job is opposite of the mountain lifestyle. So i'm having troubles. I don't want to have to sacrifice skiing(my happiness) for money or this other job.

I'm trying not to stress myself out about it, I know it'll work itself out. But it's not gonna be easy. Bring it on. All I want to do is ski.