Respecting others has been a small trend lately so I’d like to add to that.

Here is something to really think about as you ski this weekend.

The place in which Freeskiing transpires is entirely unique in that we share the space with millions of other people. From little kids to the gapers and tourists to those old people who probably remember how the mountain formed and are way beyond their skiing years. We share the territory with people who aren’t entirely interested in our specific sport and that is truly unique. What I’m getting at is people who don’t like basketball aren’t usually just chillin’ in your basketball courts. Like skydivers don’t have to contend with random people in the sky. But all forms of skiing collide on the same slope.

We share the mountain, that’s what I mean.

And what that means is there are people with external opinions that we come in contact with every day. Your behavior and attitude is how they will look upon not only you, but the community. There is no disclaimer (though I’m now wondering if that wouldn’t be a bad idea) that warns the general public that the terrain park and some of its inhabitants are crude and regularly exhibit high levels of Bullshit, immaturity, general douchery and lack of respect.

That means it's our responsibility to uphold the integrity of the sport. Each of our individual actions affects the entire community. If you are being an inconsiderate asshole on the slopes observers may not discern your actions as pertinent only to you, but judge the Newschoolers community as a whole. I slip up all the time and do things I’m not entirely proud of. Thankfully though, the good deeds also carry a heavy tune.

None of you here are bad people, Let that shine through on the slopes.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!