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So Saturday afternoon I bought a fishing licensce contacted the provos and made plans to meet for some evening fly fishing.  Given the amature nature of my expierence fishing I knew Ian and Neil would have some good insight as to where to go and what to cast.  These kids have lived in the area thier whole lives and undoubtedly carry a knowledge base true to thier Utah roots.

Ian and Neil approach the Weber

Our destination was the weber river, it was late something around 8 p.m. and the sun was just about to set… perfect for fishing.

The Weber

Just a little closer to my Montana roots…

Sunset on the Weber

So as usual I didn’t catch anything.  I walked away with a little nibble, and that was enought to satisfy the craving to get on the river… Fishing is one of those things thats tough for me to wrap my head around. Like anything else you gotta do it enough to understand when the bugs are hatching, what the fish are eating and when the water is the right clarity and temperature…

My knee is starting to feel better, as I have been saying for the past month now…  Hiking around on the uneaven, marshy, wet lands was another test in the book passed.  Everything I do now I see as a test, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m learning to walk again, things could be much worse.  I’m learning to use my leg and trust it though, and its these little things like fishing that put a little more confidence in my ability to perform.  Winter is still way out, and there are still many more tests to pass before I get clicked into those skis again.  I’m confident things are gonna come, time is on my side.

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