Well it was Tremblant, but at least it was skiing. And there was fresh snow.

This weekend started out with an insane ice/rain storm on Friday. Work was brutal, soaked to the skin extricating a woman from her minivan which had been crushed by a falling tree.

Saturday it finally got cold, spent the day with a friend in Ottawa, and then couldn't hold out any longer, the skiis were calling. So as is pretty typical we rolled out of Ottawa at about 11pm with Jay from Head/Tyrolia and some of the Fortune crew heading for Tremblant.

I grew more stoked as we drove up to find snowbanks on either side of the road and I was able to put my snowtires to good use. Poor planning meant that the Montebello Dep was closed, so no booze was to be had until we hit the Diable for a few pints, then it was off to the Caribou to welcome the ski season in style. The nite ended with some random intoxicated bouldering on the wall at the Tremblant base.

Thanks to DJ's super cool parents letting us all crash at their place, we all rolled out of bed... in my case rolled over on the floor.. to find 6cms of fresh white stuff. Yeah it wasnt much but it was enough to get us stoked, and a good day of riding ensued. Most of the Fortune crew showed up, CMC and some of the EV crew, and we ripped it up.. or whatever it is that you do when skiing at Tremblant. Only had one old French dude yelling as us for skiing too fast..

Was great to get on skiis again, and even find a bit of fresh stuff on the sides of the runs. Only Lowell Thomas and TGV were running,so lift lines were insanely long at first but no one seemed to mind! The park consisted of one box which Denise showed us all how to ride. All in all it was a great start to the season.