First of all I write this knowing no one will read this, but in the future, when i have the most popular blog on ns, people can look back at my roots.

I finished my movie!!! Anyone out there who has finished a movie before knows the joy of getting it done and over with. I had been working on it since around march of this year, so probably around 9 months, although i basically took the summer off editing. Thanksgiving weekend i was home and all my friends were away, so i got into massive editing mode, spending hours a day editing. It was really fun, especially my introduction where i just played around with after effects doing anything i can do (in the future, i will be more consistant). For my dvd menu, i did this cool thing where i took my dads old film projector, projected it on a wall and edited my video into it, it came out very cool. I finally released my movie for free by exporting it as flash and uploading it to my ski company(hah!)'s website, and sending the link around facebook.

OK i forgot to clear this up. It sucks. we arent that good and i didnt film that much. Although my editing was pretty amazing (im thinking an emmy is heading my way), the footage is not. Still, it was a good way to summerize the season and all my friends really liked it. It is so great to not have this massive project looming over me, and to have people telling me all the time how good it is (it isnt).

I released it last thursday. Friday, my school had a showing of Meathead Films' "Head for the hills" for our ski club. The movie was amazing, i highly recomend seeing it. A good ski movie always gets me super pumped to go skiing. Also, my friend won a cool fur hat and gave it to me (score!). After the movie, a kid from my school (hes probs on ns) had a rail jam at his house and everyone was invided. Pretty epic. Once again, it got me uber pumped for skiing, although i got a bit depressed when i was filming people with my crappy jvc from 2005 next to people with dvxs and fx1s.

Saturday i did nothing

Sunday me and 5 friends headed up to mt. snow. The first day of skiing is always amazing, you finally experience the rush of skiing that you've been dreaming of all summer. Carinthea kicked ass, best park ive been to in a while and its barely open yet. Got some good footy in the parks, i think all this time editing has made me a bettter videographer. Last year i pulled out my cam and shot whereever i was, this year i can invision the shot. Im skiing with the cam, skiing infront of the skier, and such. I want to one day try a follow cam, it doesnt get any better than that. Its gonna be a great season, i cant wait.

If you finshed reading this, i love you