I'm just on my way to Vail, CO right now with Klesk to hit this airbag jump we've been hearing about. We were just at the Winter Dew Tour where I did my first pipe comp (and first pipe run this year, lol). Because Dew Tour wasn't having a girls slope comp, I figured I may as well get in there and get in the comp mode for X in a couple of weeks. Since Kristi's driving I may as well take advantage and catch up a bit!
Kaya Turski... halfpipe skierWellll, it's been a pretty crazy 4 weeks. Early season I was training in Mammoth (fave place on earth right now!) and then I headed home for Christmas to see the family and friends. This year I'm really stoked because I am lucky enough to film with the Level1 crew, and that's what I did right after Christmas in Montreal and Quebec. It's been a dream to work with those guys for a long time and when I heard there would be an Orage/Level1 urban shoot with Phil Casabon, Will Wesson, Jf Houle and I was really excited to say the least.
Time to get setup...I've actually never really done any urban (other than on my skates back in the day) so I was a little anxious as to how it would turn out but at least I knew I had a really cool and supportive crew to work with.
Freedle making use of the drop-in rampWe started off in Montreal on the 28th and the first feature we hit was a really mellow and fun up ledge/rail. Great way to start, built my confidence up a bit.
Will Wesson making things look easyWe shot some other pretty mellow things, but for the most part it was all pretty big and challenging stuff, which made it really fun when I got the trick! My heart was definitely pumping for most of this trip, hah! One of the more memorable moments in Montreal was on New Year's eve where we hit this drop to down drop rail (which was at least 20 feet high).
Happy new year!I definitely didn't think I would do it but ended up telling my self I had to end the year (and start the new year) on a good note. Soo stoked when I got it!
Day 1 in QuebecA few days later we headed to Quebec and stayed in a sweet little place right in Old Quebec. We had a lot of fun there and got some really cool shots there, can't say too much cuz we need the element of surprise right?
scoping an old skate spot, head+ drops seem to be the theme of this trip All in all, it was a great first urban trip and I feel like we couldn't have had a better crew. The boys absolutely killed it and it was really motivating to watch them.Phil Casabon is definitely one of my fave skiers right now? soo legit!
B-dog goin wildHalfway to Vail, damn I wish we were there already.. It's been a lot of flying and driving in the past few days. Ready to hit that airbag jump! Gotta get some tricks dialled for X?. wooohooo!Hope you're all having fun!peace outKayaPhotos: Felix Rioux