Ok, perhaps a little heads up is in order here. I am a resident of

Bend, OR and Mt. Bachelor is 30 min away on a bad day. So there is

probably going to be a few posts on here with Bachelor as the backdrop.

But I’ll do my best to spread the love.

With the Mountain reporting a fresh 13” (cold) overnight, I decided

today would be the first turns of the season. I mean when its dumping in

town that means its dumping at the hill right? Right! No no no. RIGHT!!

Without drawing it out too much I’ll just highlight some key points. It

must have throttled overnight because 13” felt more like 2 feet, plus

it was still storming pretty good when I got there. Cold temps, fresh

snow and wind, ahhh, Central Oregon winters. I was about the 5th car in

the parking lot at 6:50AM and definitely wasn’t the last. The Hike up

wasn’t bad at all, I followed a fresh skin trail, snapped a few shots

along the way and reached the top of The Cone in about 45min. There was

one other person dropping in and one other set of tracks. Unreal. First

turns were amazing; I don’t think I can remember a year where literally

my first turn was a face shot! It was over too fast that’s for sure; you

can’t really get the full enjoyment of The Cone if you plan on lapping

it. Well you can, but the hike back up just gets longer. On the second

go-round there were about 7 folks at the top getting ready to drop, and

maybe 5 more on their way up behind me. Since I was headed in after this

run (still gotta go make the donut$!) I ran the length of the face.

Seriously, snow everywhere. Just absolutely covered in the fluff. I’m

gonna stop here because it’s making me too anxious to get back out

there. GO HIKE! And that goes for everyone reading this where ever you

might be. But you might wanna do it before Thursday because it looks

like the temps might hop up a bit and things could get sloppy up and

down the West. Check the forecasts below.

Sorry no action shots, kind of hard to take em’ when you’re hiking all by your lonesome…

6:45am Pulling into the parking lot

 Better than coffee.

Open the Mountain you say? Nah, too crowded already.

I push snow like weight.




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