I finally was able to go skiing today. Only did 3 runs and was out for a little under an hour, but still worth it. Tried some jumps... need to wax the skis so I can actually get enough speed going off the jumps. Landing on the flat is never fun. Conditions are definitely improving up here. I'm guessing there have been around 6 inches of fresh today but I was getting a bit of dust on crust sensation towards main lodge. So on my way up to the Mill, one of the Mammoth shuttles actually spun off the road. It was an amazing site. Those things can usually handle a few feet of snow, to see one spinning out on a few inches left my jaw dropped. Then on the way back down There was a lovely VW GTI smashed into a tree. Just because you have a fast car doesn't mean you should drive fast on a mountain road. Then of course there was this lovely smashed in Denali. I feel bad for the owner of that one. Someone obviously smashed into it. I see it only getting worse right now. It has stopped snowing temporarily but the temp is dropping fast and there is a hell of a lot of slush on the road. Hopefully I don't feel the urge to drive anywhere tonight. Side note. I am still looking for a place to live. I have gotten some positive feedback today and will hopefully get a chance to check out 1 or 2 places this evening. The sooner I can get in, the better. I know Sandra is excited as well. She seems like she will be a fantastic roommate. The only frustrating part about not having a place to live yet is not having anywhere to put my stuff. I'm glad my car is as big as it is, but It is getting hard to distinguish the clean clothing from the dirty. Also, I am pretty sure my back seat is soaked now after throwing my snow covered skis back there. I tried to keep my bedding away from them, but I was not so successful; maybe it is better that I'm sleeping on a couch right now.Next chance at skiing.... Monday. Working 9 hour days starting at 9am till then.