I just recently chose to quit my first job.  I was hired as a park ranger at my local mountain of Pats Peak in New Hampshire.  It was my first job I ever had and was a learning "experience".  I really thought the job was going to be righteous.  Ride around and enforce the park rules, then just raking out features a couple times a day. 

Sounds like a dream job, right?  Figured out it wasn't as great as I thought it would be.  Having to be at Pats Peak eight hours a day was so depressing.  I was falling into a depression because I had to ski at such a small mountain that limited my progression.  This season I was really looking to progress as much as I could and to film a bunch.  I learned that if I was working on park crew I wouldn't have time to film with my buds and I wouldn't have time to go to a bigger and better mountain.  I was at the point where I would be riding the chairlift and just getting real down because I couldn't progress.  Everyday I had to work I was down.  It just fucking sucked.  I quit after about three weeks and just said fuck it.  I made enough cash so that I can buy myself a new cam and get to filming like crazy before the season ends. 

Sure, doing your job and being able to ski at the same time may seem dope and all, but it just isn't.  I got to the point where skiing was becoming less and less fun because I was being forced to ski for a real long time.  Anything that makes me like skiing less just doesn't flow with my mindset.  Skiing is my fucking bitch.  No matter what the forces around me may be, I can not let them butt in and hurt my relationship with it.  Fuck that shit, I need my skiing without any bullshit restrictions.

-Ian McCluskey