I start my first blog with mixed feelings, part of me is excited by the prospect of being able to have my deepest thoughts lie on the front page. However, another part of me hopes this isnt the stumble that will send me down the long slipery slope of internet communication. Dont get me wrong newschoolers has been a large, and beneficial part of my life for some time now. My fear is that me sitting inside on one of the first days of summer vacation bumping beats and sitting at the computer will soon replace hot girls and the outside world. I will put these fears behind me for the time being and procede to create a blog that will hoefully be fairly intertaining and unique.

Summer in the ski world seems to be when the ones who are lucky enough ski and the others stayed glued to the computer and watch footy. Much of this footy comes from ski crews across the counrty who are releasing their trailers for the years movies. I was able to catch up with some of the riders from New Intelegent Group to talk about their upcoming movie, "Memo".

I first interviewed "A dog" on Aim his interview is as follows

joety316 (8:37:56 PM): so I want to interview you for my blog

joety316 (8:38:00 PM): aim style

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:38:23 PM): hahaha you sure?

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:38:57 PM): alright shoot

joety316 (8:39:24 PM): hmm well why dont you first tell us alittle about yourself

joety316 (8:39:49 PM): where you shred, favorite parent ect.

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:40:26 PM): well my names andy, i live in the CT, but i shred okemo, and i dont have parents casue they died in a gun shoot

joety316 (8:40:48 PM): its always the good ones that have to die huh

joety316 (8:40:58 PM): who do you shred with most often

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:41:06 PM): i shred with all the nigs

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:41:18 PM): ryan, evan every weekend, joe tyson sometimes

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:41:21 PM): my bros

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:41:25 PM): all nigs

joety316 (8:41:41 PM): now lets back up when you say nigs do you mean negros

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:41:46 PM): hahaha indeed

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:41:53 PM): black pigmented people

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:42:06 PM): New intelligent groupers

joety316 (8:42:15 PM): ahhh i see

joety316 (8:42:20 PM): tell me about this crew

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:44:26 PM): N.I.G obviously short for New intellgient Group, and its all bout peace and love and shredding and gettin money

joety316 (8:44:54 PM): nice well any big plans for the summer

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:45:34 PM): well if my drug deals go well i could have enough money to go to mount hood with the other members of nig, others did it last year but i might this year

joety316 (8:45:51 PM): GTS?

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:46:06 PM): whats GtS

joety316 (8:46:22 PM): get the shots duhhhhhhhhhhhh

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:46:26 PM): hahaha yeah my badA

NDYTHESKIGOD (8:46:38 PM): well im all about the sponsors and my image and making it big so yeah DUH!

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:46:43 PM): gotta send out that promo

joety316 (8:47:51 PM): well anyother things you want to say

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:48:21 PM): NEW Intelligent Group dropping memo fall 07

!ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:48:27 PM): and i rule

joety316 (8:48:41 PM): ohh those are solid claims

joety316 (8:48:57 PM): k i got to go fix me some sandwiches

joety316 (8:48:58 PM): peace

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:49:02 PM): haha nice

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:49:06 PM): ham?

joety316 (8:49:26 PM): nah straight pb and j

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:49:39 PM): im all about the meat

joety316 (8:50:10 PM): ya i like the fealing of power it gives me when i realize that i killed somthing just for a snack

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:50:32 PM): yeah me too

ANDYTHESKIGOD (8:50:35 PM): and i like the taste

My time speaking with A dog was interesting but i felt that i needed a better idea of what New Intel was all about so i went to the main filmer and editer Evan williams.

VTski24 (9:32:43 PM): New Intel was started late last season after vermont open. Jeff Kiesel came up with the idea of making a company out of all of our footage and crew so that seemed like a legit idea. It kinda took off from there. Everybody was into the new name "New Intelligent Group". A dawg wanted it to be called new Intelligent GANG but that didnt fly. New Intelligent GROUP seemed to flow better haha. We went to Mt. Hood last summer and got some real legit footage. We made an edit and everybody seemed to like it a lot so it gave us the idea of making a full length movie. I wanted to make it very similar to the Mt. Hood Shenanigans edit because of the fun vibe and over feel of the edit. Were not really a serious film company in a sense that we dont make our edits feel like the normal "intense" edit.

VTski24 (9:32:49 PM): im still going

VTski24 (9:33:11 PM): haha

VTski24 (9:37:38 PM): Were just a fun group of kids out there trying to make a dope movie for the public. After a fairly good winter, we managed to get a lot of dope footage. Our upcoming 2007 Mt. Hood trip should add to the arsinal of footage we already got this season. Lots of kids will be going including Ryan Williams, Evan Williams (myself), Ian Durkin, Joe Tyson, Kohl Schoening, Derek Spong, and a few more. Were looking forward to the trip a lot. "Memo", our movie will be coming out next fall. Were gonna try to keep the price low and affordabe so that more people can enjoy what we have been working on this year.

VTski24 (9:37:40 PM): wow

VTski24 (9:37:41 PM): hahaha

VTski24 (9:38:10 PM): thats just a general overview of the company*

VTski24 (9:38:13 PM): add that

joety316 (9:38:20 PM): well done

joety316 (9:38:31 PM): ok were going to change gears and do some brief questions

joety316 (9:38:42 PM): whats the skier you respect the most

VTski24 (9:38:45 PM): hahahahaha

VTski24 (9:40:56 PM): Well, this is a tough question. Im gonna have to go with showernig on this one. Kohls a kid outta Woodinville, Washington whos progressed a TON over the years. Kids blowin up.

joety316 (9:41:19 PM): ok cool whats the worst aspect of skiing right now

VTski24 (9:44:15 PM): hmmm, the concern of every kid to get "spancerized" and get free gear. Ski for the fun of it (like team pup n' sudz) and you get sponced sooner or later if you do well in comps and such and get recognized.

joety316 (9:44:39 PM): ohh deep

VTski24 (9:44:41 PM): hahahaha

VTski24 (9:44:41 PM): word

joety316 (9:44:52 PM): favorite trick

VTski24 (9:45:01 PM): switch cork 7 rev blunt

joety316 (9:45:13 PM): favorite color

VTski24 (9:45:28 PM): hmmmm, Blue has always been my favorite since I was little.

joety316 (9:45:44 PM): favorite super hero

VTski24 (9:46:02 PM): hahaha

VTski24 (9:46:04 PM): well

VTski24 (9:46:44 PM): hulk prolly, that guys pretty BA.

joety316 (9:46:58 PM): good choice

joety316 (9:47:02 PM): favorite animal

VTski24 (9:47:07 PM): hahahahahaahaha

VTski24 (9:47:12 PM): snow leopard?

VTski24 (9:47:15 PM): NOTTTT

joety316 (9:47:30 PM): your a jerk

joety316 (9:47:40 PM): snowlepords are the coolest

VTski24 (9:47:58 PM): anything that can kill a snow leopards gets my vote.

VTski24 (9:48:02 PM): hahahahaha

VTski24 (9:48:05 PM): PWNED

VTski24 (9:48:18 PM): fuck

joety316 (9:48:24 PM): ok ok anything else before we rap this up and i make a sandwich

VTski24 (9:49:21 PM): you best be correcting my shitty spelling and typos

For my next blog i talked to a girl who dosnt go on newschoolers and is just now learning how to ski. many may see her as insignifigant to the freestyle ski world but with her interest in the culture of freestyle skiing combined with her having an outside view on freestyle skiing it was actually pretty interesting. And if none of this apeals to you well shes a teenage girl which i asume for a majority of Newschoolers is as rare as a unicorn.