January 16  2008     


First '08 International Halfpipe Event

Riddle and Rainville 1st and 5th

The first big international halfpipe event of the year - at the Tignes Airwaves, in Tignes France - on January 7th and 8th, wrapped up with a very successful weekend for Team Dynastar/Lange.  Mike Riddle took 1st in the Halfpipe and 3rd place in the "Big Hip".  Tanner Rainville finished 5th in the Halfpipe and 17th in the "Big Hip", and Loic Collomb-Patton from France had a 4th place in the "Big Hip".


Photo by Jeremy Condamine copyright - rider Mike Riddle




This was the first big event of the season and gave Riddle and Rainville tremendous confidence and momentum for the upcoming X-Games. These gentlemen are competing at the highest level in the world and we look forward to seeing them continue to succeed!

Photo by Jeremy Condamine copyright - rider Tanner Rainville

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Big Hip:

1. Tucker Perkins

2. Kalle Leinonen

3. Mike Riddle

4. Loic Collomb-Patton

5. Laurent Favre

6. Kevin Rolland

7. Richard Permin

7. Charles Gagnier

9. JF Houle

10. Mathieu Bijasson

11. AJ Kemppainen

12. Aurélien Fornier

13. Xavier Bertoni

14. Thomas Krief

15. Henrik Harlaut

15. Stéphane Vaillant

17. Tanner Rainville

1. Mike Riddle - 27

2. Kevin Rolland - 25.1

3. Kalle Leinonen - 24.1

4. AJ Kemppainen - 23.7

5. Tanner Rainville - 23.6

6. Xavier Bertoni - 23.3

7. Tucker Perkins - 18.6

8. Thomas Krief - 15.1