Ok, this is my first blog ever in the history of my existence. im pretty stoked on my star wars picture cause star wars is pretty cool. summer is on the doorstep, i just have to make it out of finals alive. last friday i finished my speech (boring), and today i knocked off physics and some engineering bullshit. i have tomorrow off then wednesday is the only thing between me and the long drive to hood to enjoy the $99 spring pass. it's been a pretty good season i'd say minus just beating myself up the past couple weeks with some knee to face action, causing me to bite through my tongue and knock a tooth loose. also separated my shoulder at abasin. oh well, better go make some food, ill make a real blog thing with pictures, videos and interesting stuff after i come back from hood. adios!

oh and so this isn't completely boring, here's an edit from the last week at breck i made with a few buds, you can see me overshoot the jump sarah burke style (for those who've seen push, haha) and knee my chin, it sucked cause it limited what i could do that week.

R-Fab Finishing Too Early via Zapiks