are excited to announce that we have partnered with RocketHub to open up funding to athletes and consumers to help fund our new outerwear project! RocketHub (like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) allows consumers to donate money to a project in exchange for goods, in just a few seconds. Please consider helping us reach our set goal of $12,000. If you do not wish to fund the project, please share this page with somebody that might want to! Please check out our complete RocketHub campaign here:

The Story

lüft means 'air' in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and German. lüft clothing is for athletes who spend as much time as possible in the air. We have noticed a clear and distinct gap between good-looking outerwear, and very technical highly waterproof/breathable outerwear. We aim to fill that gap.

The Problem

Highly technical (waterproof/breathable) fabrics use an E-PTFE membrane that is great at repelling water while allowing sweat (in the form of water vapor) to pass through the fabric. However, these membranes are over-priced and the manufacturers that use these membranes tend to design their clothing with an older, more affluent customer in mind. The clothing they are manufacturing is too expensive, and too short and slim fitting. A short jacket exposes your body to harsh elements any time you jump or drop off of anything.

Less expensive outerwear generally uses a TPU membrane instead of an E-PTFE membrane. A TPU membrane is neither waterproof nor breathable enough for long days in the snow.These cheaper products are generally targeted at younger customers and feature a longer and baggier fit.

Our Solution

lüft has designed a soft-shell jacket that uses an E-PTFE membrane and achieves high waterproof and breathability ratings while maintaining a soft touch, stretchy feel, and longer cut. This jacket features a durable polyester/spandex outer shell. It has a pullover design with diagonal YKK aquaguard zippers that keep your chin from getting chaffed. Underneath each arm are two ventilation zippers which allow for enhanced breathability. Similarly spec'd soft-shell jackets are currently selling for over $300. We plan to sell this jacket for close to $200; and today on RocketHub we are offering it to you starting at just $90.

For now we are only offering the softshell in Grasplan Green, but if we raise over $20,000 we will add another color softshell for you to choose from.

lüft is also working on designing a hard-shell jacket. That jacket will feature a 20K waterproof and 20,000gsm breathability rating, similar to some $500 jackets on the market today, but with a longer cut and lower price.The design of this jacket is not yet complete, but we plan to make it available before next winter.

Because we don't spend all of our time skiing and snowboarding, we have also designed a pair of board shorts. These polyester/spandex board shorts are lightweight, feature a 4-way stretch, and have no Velcro on the fly (don't worry, the silicone laces will keep the drawstring tight.) Similarly spec'd board shorts sell on the market for upwards of $70, we are offering them to you today on RocketHub starting at $35.

The boardshorts are available in both bevatnna blue and graugrün green.

We have launched our RocketHub campaign because we need your help. We are aiming to raise $12,000. This money will allow us to finalize our manufacturing process, continue designing more products (like our technical hard-shell jacket), and order inventory. Our soft-shell jacket and board shorts are ready to go, so please help us make this happen!

Please check out our campaign on RocketHub; we really do need your help Newschoolers!