Wow, 10 hours in the train was not the best experience I've ever had but I did arrive in one piece so I suppose I can't complain! When I did get into Luzern, I was wide awake but that didn't last long. After some breakfast and a little settling-in, I passed out for a good 4-hour nap. Hopefully my sleeping schedule will be back to normal, now.

Today I traveled to the famous Jungfrau peak near Interlaken, Switzerland. The mountain is known to many as the "Top of Europe" although there are definitely higher mountains in the Alps. Still, I think 11,300+ feet was still a record for me.  The weather was absolutely spectacular. Unfortunately, the one cloud in the sky was stubbornly stuck to the very top of the mountain, blocking the surrounding view.

If this one photo doesn't completely describe Switzerland - I don't know what can.

Tomorrow I'm going skiing in Engelberg, Switzerland. There's a direct train from Luzern that takes exactly an hour. I'm looking forward to my last European ski trip but obviously sad that it's the END!! I'll have to make it count.

Not sure yet what I'm doing after this but I think I'll be headed north to Germany sometime this weekend.  Apparently the party scene in Luzern is some kind of well-kept secret so I'll have to check it out before I leave.  So yeah, next week I'll be aimlessly wandering around Germany - should be fun!!

P.S. I can't understand ANYONE here AT ALL, Swiss-German is so craaazy...