It’s been more than one year, and 850 hours at work since last time. The time is near! Tomorrow morning I am leaving for USA and Colorado, together with a shitload of Norwegians. It’s going to be crazy! The park in Breckenridge is looking better than ever before, and I must admit that I have watched a ton of edits from there. I simply cannot put it into words how glad I am to finally leave for my trip of the year. Since this years budget don’t allow me to travel as much as last year, I have focused on this one trip, and therefore I will stay for a month. So many perfect rail-setups and jumps in all sizes just screaming for beeing hit with any thinkable trick.

This year I will stay together with a guy from Oslo, Hans-Jacob. It’s think it would be cool to get to know him. Staying at a motel with kitchen, so that we can cook nice food, instead of KFC (Kentucky garbage-fried chicken)  This trip will be all about learning new stuff on my skis, both unatural spins foreward and switch, but also getting the style and flow in eveyr trick that I learn. Doesn’t matter how many tricks you know. You will have to do it with style as well, make it look easy. I know it’s kind of gay to jump on the whole Tom Wallisch fan-train. But frankly, he is (by my opinion), the number one skier to make every single tricks, in all directions THAT easy. It’s like he is not even moving a finger while spinning, grabbing, railing and pretzeling his tricks. And beeing the person I am, knowing a few tricks in the book myself, I KNOW how hard it is to make hard tricks look easy.  Young kids can watch skifilms and say: ” Hey! I can do that too!” Well, that is partly true, cause I said the same thing back then. But now, 6 years later, I still do many of the tricks I did back then, but it’s still hard to get the style I want on many of them. Some things just take ages to get perfect. You can learn a trick pretty fast, and loose it , and get it back again. But the point is; You never learn a trick so good, that you are fully saticfied with it.

I will feed you with videos and pictures whenever possible while I’m “over there”, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the edits I saw from Breck and Keystone so far.

Have a ski-filled January !