Hey Everyone! Well it has been a couple of weeks since we have made an update with pictures and a fascinating story, so i thought i would catch everyone up on whats going on. Well first off it is good news that I am writing this on my laptop in Portland Airport (very nice airport by the way. And the wendys here is key). Why is this good? Well that means that I am on my way to Central Oregon to get some filming done here while Cameron takes my place in Tahoe. **Keep in touch for the next update, because it is dumping in Oregon :)**.Ok lets get to some action. Friday Cameron Fair, one of two principle cinematographers (me being the other), headed down to Tahoe for some filming. Unfortunately the weather did not quite work in our favor like we were hoping it would. Every day the temperature would get closer and closer to 60! It was hotter than balls.Anyways the first day we decided to head over to Heavenly and the Soldiers camp to chill and have a good time. We met up with KC Deane, Andy Woltering, and everyones favorite writer Jason Tross. It was a chill time with a couple of serious moments involved. The joking around while having a drink and chilling on KC's tailgate was not one of those serious moments (this might be considered a pun).Pictures say more than words...

Kevin Christopher Deane messing around in the Soldiers park with a fun shifty
Believe it or not, It is possible to nut yourself on a wall ride
Andy has been battling an ankle injury for a while, but is still managing to have a good time and kill it!
KC draggin his hand over the knuckle.
Brian trying to relax and enjoy a sunset after being frustrated by a handrailAfter that day ended cameron and I headed back to North Lake to chill for a little. We ended up working on setting up a rail, so that possibly we could get it done quickly and not have to worry about setting it up the next day... Unfortunately that did not work out. There was just not enough snow to build the drop in right.
So the drop in idea did not quite work. We will get back to this one...The next day we spent in the backcountry. Christian busted a smooth cab 5 tail on a medium sized step down before busting his ribs. We later found some interesting rock jibs and a construction machine to jib around on.
Little Cab 5 from Christian MaresThe Following night we set up the same rail that had failed on us the previous day. This time it was more successful with less snow to work from around us...
He may look like a gaper. But Nick got this consequential rail. He didnt expect to hit it, so he didnt have his ski cloths. He definitely looks funny if you know he is actually a thugged out skier.The next day we took the day off. The following day I headed out to Bend, Oregon, which is where I am right now. Keep checking back for the next update, which will be about my trip to Oregon.-Bentley Atteberry