The manager at Quiksilver is out for the week, probably doing band things. This causes a problem for me since they just had a posting go up for supervisor 2 days ago. I would love to apply, but Tim being gone makes things difficult.I spoke with the manager of Oakley today as well. He informed me they get about 40 applications a week and they are starting to go through them, so who knows when they will reach mine. Hopefully by November, they are in my top 3 list.Then of course the almighty American Apparel. After 3 weeks worth of interviews, they hired one person. That one person was not me. I can understand this because of how much I said I wanted to be management and work the MOA, but it still hurts a little not getting that first pick.NorthFace, the surprise player, went over quite well. But I think my ambition got ahead of me and I may have forgotten to sign the application. I remember making sure everything was filled out, attached my resume, but I have no recollection of signing the app. I really hope this isn't too detrimental for me. NorthFace is a great company and they have stores in LA which would be nice for transferring. The assistant manager was incredibly nice though. I don't know if he was sincerely interested in my application or just nice. Makes it rough because I can't tell if I should be overly optimistic. I can't panic too much though, I have sent out far too many applications/resumes to not hear back from anyone. I know it can take a week or two. I just need to get my patience back under control. So much waiting makes days feel like weeks. At this point, I would be happy to hear from Target. Yes, I applied at Target. Their HR says it can take 3 - 4 weeks to hear back from them though.The more I read the cover letter that my mom helped me out with, the more I like it. Maybe I should call some of my friends parents and see what they would think if they didn't know the person. So much to say, so little motivation to say it. I'll have a non work post another day, probably tomorrow. I plan to spend the day not looking at jobs and working on the websites I have promised to do.