Despite frigid temps, Fenway Park gave a new meaning to the word "alive" last night. There wasn't a single run taken that the people weren't going nuts about. From 5 year olds brought with their CEO parents to fans wearing Jiberish hoodies and Saga coats, the people of Boston got a show they'll never forget. A thrilling ski competition hosted in an America's oldest MLB ballpark.

The build of the lead in stood higher than the stadium lighting. Driving by on the highway you could see it sticking up in the sky. 14 stories up, dropping you into a jump that propelled ya into the grand stands. The snow on the setup itself.. was rather icey. Fenway brought in ice shavings from local ice rinks, along with blew for just around 12 hours, and with a little help from mother nature earlier in the week, there were a few freshies. However, with wind chill, constant use and temps in the teens, the run quickly turned to a sheet of ice. Every landing sounded so painful, but, the comp prevailed (obviously).

Wednesday's weather for practice was rather cloudy, with flurries throughout the day, although it was the warmest. Thursday was snowboarding, giving the skiers a day to "tourist" ... or sleep.

Friday morning, qualies started at 9am, and thankfully there wasn't a cloud in the sky, giving good vibes for comp day.

6pm rolled around and the crowds flooded in. The Sammy C Project premiered to get everyone "in the mood" and then the athletes started dropping. Between the roars of the crowd, packed tight stadium and the dubs under the lights, it was easy to forget was only sixteen degrees out. Three beers also helped.

The Big Air at Fenway was event for the books, a historic twist on a classic comp, surely something this industry won't forget. Nor the city of Boston.