Words by Josh Bryant

Photos by Josh Bryant,

Kenzie Morris, Paul Braunstein & Christopher Lisle

February in Colorado seemed to be severely lacking in snowfall. But I learned from the team that if you’re willing to hike for it, there’s plenty of good snow to be found. Right away Jake Szarzec, Landon Spear, and Johnny Rossman were hiking the backcountry and getting some great snow.

Johnny on the Donner Party

Meanwhile the Jibij Utah crew was out destroying features in their backyard, with a trip to Jackson Hole as well. Thanks to Paul Braunstein for the photos.

Jeff Kiesel

Brady Perron

Witt Foster

It’s awesome to see how far Witt has progressed as a skier. He’s been slaying the backcountry lately. Check out Christoper Lisle Photography for more great shots.

Back in Colorado, Jake and Landon continued to earn their turns, and even made some quick laps through the park.

On the 27th Kenzie Morris hiked up Breckenridge with Johnny Rossman and Steph Myers while it was dumping to get some shots.

On the final day of February, I hiked up Breck with a crew including Johnny Rossman, Jake Szarzec, Steph Myers, Jenn Hirsch, Brandon Pastucka from Amplid, and others. It was crazy how fast the sun affected the snow, but we still managed to get some good turns in.

Jenn Hirsch

Johnny Rossman

Brandon Pastucka rips

Jake Szarzec

Josh Allen

Luke Ochs

As the day seemed to get hotter and hotter, we decided to call it early and start happy hour.

Spring is finally here, but March is usually our snowiest month in Colorado, so there’s still plenty of skiing left. Make sure to get out there and make some turns, and stop by the shop, as Friday the 20th is the last day we will be open for the season.

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