The level of skill being displayed in all of the Whistler Blackcomb Parks is astonishing these days. The progression we are seeing in athletes is at light speed and tricks formerly reserved for the rare mutants are now being thrown with ease by local kids skipping school to ski and ride. (Don’t skip school!) This week I witnessed 16-year-olds throwing double back flips, 19-year-olds spinning corked 10s and a 4-year-old slide a four foot round bar. This progression has pushed the Park crew to step up and create the best possible playground for these athletes and then work backwards to ensure we have a smooth progression. The bar is being set high for the next generation and we are doing our best to evolve at the same rate.

The Parks all got new set-ups this week, some even seeing changes daily. On Whistler Mountain we changed up the top section to include a new barrel bonk in addition to the stump jibs as well as freshening up Bobcat with a never-been-tired-before combo box with a quad kink. There are also new jump styles on Chipmunk and two “Skate Style” spines with log and metal coping for every transfer trick imaginable.

The Choker Park saw the addition of the Quicksilver and Nintendo boxes set up in series as mellow up-boxes as well as the addition of a mini shack booter style step over jump. The Superpipe rebuild has resulted in the best pipe I have ridden in a long time and special props go out to Andy Morrison for his epic 17 hour shift grooming the pipe se we can all rip it this week!

The Terrain Garden continues to be one of the busiest parks with hordes of newbie riders getting their legs on the small jumps, mini spine, boxes and rails offered up in this line. We are hoping to add a few more basic flat boxes to the mix so trick development can progress here too.

The HL Park has basically been split into Lucas Land’s rail line for metal grinders and the main park for jumpers. The left line continues to be the BIG XL line while the right side offers up the L / XL multi-takeoff options.

If you have not been up in the parks yet this year, you are missing out! Don’t wait to see it in next year’s vids, come on up today.

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