Wow, January came and went and all that's left is a pile of new features and

some sore bodies. After the dust settled on my park inventory this week here are

the numbers.

We have a total of 4 Parks at Whistler Blackcomb and in those Parks we now

have a staggering 64 Jibs and 56 jumps plus the Superpipe and Snowcross Course

which adds another heap of terrain to the pile. The good news is that we are not

done yet and already have designs for at least 6 new jibs for next week, several

more jumps, and three more experimental features.

How do we do this, you ask? Well it is time to pull back the curtain and show

off the talent behind these thrills on the hills. At WB we have a huge crew of

dedicated staff that works exclusively on the park product. The core consists of

a cartel of 16 paid Park Rangers and 12 Park Groomers who are supported daily by

the dark army of 30 Park Ranger Volunteers. Without this much talent and

creativity we would not be able to keep things so fresh for Whistler's Park

riding community, so a big shout out to the Ranger Crew of 2008.

In February mark your calendars with the following don't miss dates:

Feb 10th Park Rider Session Presented by Telus Superpipe Comp.

Feb 16th King of the Rail III with 100% new set-ups

Feb 29th-Mar 1st Sapient Snowboard's Showcase Showdown

See the