After the Bluebird Express celebration this morning, I took a few laps through Carinthia to check out what the Park Crew did and to snap some pictures of the features. I hadn?t touched my board since the Peace Pipe Jam so I was hella rusty, but it was still super exciting to get on the snow and do a little sideways sliding.

The Park Crew did a real good job with the amount of snow they had to work with, which was not much.  They picked some good jibs to put out like our medium sized double kink, 2? square stock down rail and the new 10? wide metal box.  My favorite feature though has to be the flat down corrugated tube at the bottom of the Gulch.  At the kink, the tube changes to a down and redirects you to the right.  There is also separate lips setup that are angled just at the down section.

Pretty cool.  I?m going to be a little disappointed when they take that feature out, but I?ll be over it when I?m hitting the jump that has taken its place.