I left Minnesota in May and moved out to Jackson, Wyoming to pursue a summer editorial opportunity with Teton Gravity Research. I moved up to Montana for the fall to get some more school out of the way, but Iím back in the Tetons working my ass off to ski 6+ days a week. This series was inspired by Turnerís This is Where We Live. This is my winter as a ski bum in Teton CountyÖ enjoy.

Iíve been essentially commuting to the mountains from Minnesota for the past couple of winters. 4 days here, a week there, and so on-- sending countless emails to finagle lift tickets, sleeping on floors of dorm rooms, random couches, mac ní cheese diets, and driving 20+ hours at a time. Weíre expected to spend ~4 years of our Ďprime yearsí earning a college degree. No matter how hard you work, youíre very likely either sacrificing your grades or your skiing if you pursue both simultaneously. So instead of going back to school for the spring semester Iím back in Jackson working hard and skiing hard(er).

so. much. lady. shred.

I live in a condo in the town of Jackson, which is about a 20 minute drive to Teton Village where Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is- granted thereís no traffic, but add in an accident or some wildlife and youíll be on the road for over an hour. The first 10 days after I got back to the hole we accumulated around 4 feet of snow from a snowstorm that literally didnít take a day off. I failed to take a day off either and found myself rolling around in shoulder deep powder before it was necessary to call it quits for the afternoon before I broke myself or someone else.

Our surprisingly clean living space.. because no one's ever home.

While getting back into the swing of life out here, it wasnít uncommon to see me passed out on my bed by 7PM more often than not. But then the benders started. Itís actually a blur where the whole bender part started-- was it after the busy day at work where I drank my $1 shifty and a few jello shots and was toast by 6:00, or the Ďcocktail partyí where I quickly cashed a bottle of wine while drinking straight from said bottle? Now that I think about it, both occasions coincidentally occurred around the same time that mother nature took a hiatus from dumping snow on us.

?????? @pit_viper

Needless to say, maybe we all need a day off from drinking here and there just as much as we need a day off from skiing. But in a way theyíre kind of similar, Iím not getting flat out wasted every night, as in the same way Iím not skiing bell to bell every day either. All in all Iíve skied quite a bit the past month and made some equally as foggy memories. Pako is helping me with my spanish, I have way too many old men who give me big hugs and kisses on the cheek every time they see me, a random latino man laughs in the corner every time I miss a shot of pool at the Cowboy Bar, and lots (and lots) of aprés --I just want to get my shred on and party while I'm doing it.