Fairbanks, AK is not the Alaska you see in all the ski movies. We have three hills and two chairlifts, the third hill uses buses. Yes, buses. Our winters are long (Sept - mid April) but we are lucky to get more than three feet of snow and a lot of weekends are spent in doors watching our favorite ski movies because its -20 F or colder outside and the wind chill makes it impossible to ski. Despite the odds, a small ski community continues to survive and bond every winter. Because we are in the middle of bumfuck-no where, we don't get many movie premiers. Warren Miller is a classic every year however and with the hard work of Bill Hauer, we've managed to bring TGR up. This years premier of Under the Influence didn't fail to get all of us stoked about winter once again. Our premiers dont get as crazy as most which is kind of a dissapointment. This is mostly due to the fact that the old geezer to yougin ratio is a lot higher than at most premiers across the country. Free shwag does not get thrown into a drunken audience, people dont dance on stage after they've won a dope door prize, and afterparties are virtually nonexistent. Yeah, its a little lamer than most premiers but its what we got. Even still door prizes were still won, old friends were reunited, and the worst slideshow in existence was played before hand. Bill had me take pictures because apparently TGR wanted some pics to post on their site about our premier. Cool eh? So I figured Id share them here just for kicks. Enjoy!