For the second year TMG Sports headed to Las Vegas for SIA 09. We all arrived except for Alex, due to a delayed flight from Salt Lake City. Scotty and Nath went and check in at the hotel, I arrived an hour later to check in and thank you upgrade and then with a little sweet talking managed to get the other guys an upgrade as well.

First night was a little quiet as we waiter for Alex who arrived about 5 hours late. We checked out the strip and hit up the roller coaster next door at the New York, New York casino. Aside from that we called it a night as tomorrow was Day One of SIA 09.

Day One of SIA is always a hectic time, getting passes and checking out all the booths see what’s on offer. After a day going booth to booth and chit chatting with people, we headed back to the Excalibur Hotel where we were staying to rest up before the first night of parties began, the only choice to be made was which one to go to, the Farewell Las Vegas Party, Freeskier Mag Party or the Tanner Hall Red Bull Party. We head off and checked out the Farewell Las Vegas party at the Palms it was not the party we were hoping for, so we met up with Dave and Rob from Balistyx Snowboard Show and headed to the one cent slot machines for some gambling and free drinks. It was then time to go check out the Freeskier Party which was at Moon in the Palms, with its huge balcony view over the entire strip. Met up with the rest of the crew and had an awesome night.

                                                                                     Alex looking like Darth Vader

Day Two of SIA was a little slower to get started, once we got going checked out sections of the show we missed yesterday. Met up with Scotty Talbut one of TMG own and had couple of meetings, yes some work does get done in Las Vegas. That afternoon we said goodbye to Alex he had to head back to Park City.

Day Three of SIA meant no time for the show had my main meeting of the trip with Jake from EMPIRE to check the new range for 2010, then it was straight to the airport for the non-direct trip back to Whistler via Calgary.

We say farewell to Las Vegas for SIA as next year SIA will be held in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado.

Till next time