the first week of october brought the first winter storms of the year. Enough snow to play around a little bit, but a good sign that big snows are on the horizon. For a few days the landscape was striking. The contrast between the new snow, and fall colors at their peak was money! Its very uplifting to live in such a beautiful and ever changing environment.

nice contrastsick views from 10,420' :
colorful aspens along the wasatch crest
Looking across the central wasatch, the stoke level rises!
the cottonwood canyons. millions of people will soon gather here.
Neil grinds out the first turns of the year down the shoulder. Beyond sketchy. Shark fins are looming beneath the snow.Here is a little snurf action. Its always fun to sort of de-progress in a way by snurfing (no binders). Plus you only need a little snow and a grassy slope to have fun. I'd like to try and ride an entire mountain without bindings one day. going back to the for HD