Ah, Saturday, a day of relaxation and rest. Well, for most. Here is how Moment got down last Saturday.

   Things started off early getting the downhill bikes packed into the van, making sure our gear was packed, camera batteries were charged, etc... Casey and I hopped in the Moment Van and headed over to Northstar to catch one of the few weekends of downhill mountain biking left in the season. Fellow Moment-ites Corky Still and Craig Garbiel were meeting us up there as I was hoping to finally try my hand at shooting mountain biking.

    Casey and I arrive at Northstar, spend a little time walking around the village waiting for Craig to show up. Craig arrives and we grab some breakfast at Big Wave Burritos and Wraps. It is here that we first experience the bee/yellow jacket problem. Ok, scratch eating outside, back indoors. After eating it was time to gear up hit the trails.

    Now up on the mountain, the decision on which trail to hit first is unanimous, Northstar's highly popular "Livewire". For those of you who haven't been, it is a high-speed trail featuring a series of tables, doubles, and berms. I set up on a Berm about 1/3 of the way down and play the waiting game. Oh, did I mention the bees again? Lots of them. Corky got stung right around here.


Our Sales Rep Corky - green polo and no pads - he will regret this choice later on


Trying to be artsy

    From here we moved further down Livewire to try getting some shots on a table that Corky and Craig though would work well.

Craig G

What you might not be able to tell in this photo is that Corky is rocking clipless pedals.

Oh, and he did not intend for his foot to come off here.

    Our next session took place at the top of the Vista Express Lift where there are a few features right off the start. Corky and Craig began hitting a double that you had to start on the lift shack mound to get enough speed for.

        From there we headed over to a semi-wallride on a rock.

    I had almost had enough of lugging around my photo equipment but we needed to make one last stop at the new jump park that Northstar has built this year. Craig went to town on the jumps while Corky decided to head down to clean himself up from a nasty wreck just a few minutes ago.

A couple kids were killing the jump line while we were there

    A good day of shooting in the bag, we headed down to the base area to grab some brews and figure out our next step. Once again, bees bees bees.

   Eager to get at least one full run in that day, I left my camera equipment in the car and charged back up the lift. about 3 minutes into boondocks I blew my front tube, giving me a nice 20 minute walk down rocky single track while trying to jump out of the way of fellow bikers. Should have known better.

    Tired but still ready to party we drove to Squaw for the Rage premiere, one of my favorites that gets held there. Tons of people, tons of giveaway stuff, drinks, in short a great time! Did I mention kickass skiing action? That too.

   Here we ran into lots of friends, Smith Regional TM Roy Tuscany, Dan from Rage, Mark Dvorak and many others. After the movie we all headed over to the Dubliner for carbombs and discovered that our fearless leader Casey Hakansson likes to drink Jager & Cran cocktails, who knew?

Moment in the house!

Step #1 - Cheers!

Step #2 - Drink!

Hangin at the Rage Van

Mike Wilson Jibbing the handrail

Cute face Bud

Sami showing off her new hoodie

A few members of Team Legacy

   Winter is coming!!!!