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PC Fosse, Photo credit: Friflyt Magazine
Summer action, Photo credit: Friflyt Magazine

Summertalk: PC Fosse

After injuring himself in the beginning of the season, he’s back on track.

What are you doing now?

I’ve had some small jobs, I’ve been enjoying the sun and I’ll be doing some summer skiing in Fonna.

What are your summer plans?

Skiing in Fonna, going to a hut in Hvaler and planning my next season.

What was the highpoint of your winter?

Without a doubt, Snow Stock in Kongsberg where I got a second place and a clear confirmation that I was back after injury.

Describe a perfect summer day.

A perfect summer day should be at the cabin in Hvaler with some wakeboarding, a boat trip to Stromstad, beer on the pier and board games at night.

Do you have a favorite website?

What is your favorite summer food?

BBQ ribs are good.

What is your best summer memory?

A little summer flirt back in 1944. Beautiful scenery and a very nice sunset. And a glass of sherry

What kind of plans do you have for the winter?

I’d like to go on another U.S. tour, try to do many competitions and get a part in a film, and of course, avoid getting injured.


Onepiece vs tight pants =tight pants (in doubt)

Beanie vs cap = cap

Sandals vs sneakers = sneakers

Sunscreen vs ice cream= sunscreen

Smoothie vs eggs&bacon = eggs&bacon

Ibiza vs mountain = mountain

Bike vs longboard = longboard

Slackline vs croquet = slackline