Faction Team Week is coming to The Camp of Champions this summer from

June 24- July 1st. Coming to COC this summer are Corey Vanular, Kristi Leskinen, Simon D'Artois and if his filming schedule with Candide Camera permits, most likely Candide Thovex and one draft pick from the team to be named at a later date.

Faction is so dedicated to creating the next

generation of park skiers that they are sponsoring 75 ski campers $250

towards the cost of their Coached 8  Day Overnight Camp during the

Faction Team Week (June 24th - July 1st) at The Camp of Champions this

summer. To get sponsored for COC by Faction, simply register for Ski

Camp A - Overnight Camp with Coaching and Faction will pay The Camp of

Champions $250 towards the cost of your session. Join the Faction Team

Week and your COC session is the cheapest ski camp in Whistler by $410

or Mt. Hood by $330. Sign up soon!