Faction Skis' Team Week went off a couple of weeks back in Verbier and the shots stacked that week will form the very final We Are The Faction Collective webisode, to be released on April 14th. I met the team in Verbier for a couple of days and while I was there, I put some of your questions to the squad:

All Photos: Craig Douglas (@thegitgo) / The Faction Collective (@factionskis)

Kretzschmar: Why is this the last episode? Will there be future team edits in a different style next year or what?

We feel like it's time to evolve and come up with something new. It's been 3 amazing seasons putting together these episodes and webseries, we had so much fun doing this and couldn't be happier with the reactions from our community and general public. - Faction Staff

Dennis_Reynolds: Why is there only like two shots of Adam Delorme per edit?

You'll definitely see more than two shots in #S03E03! - Faction Staff

Kretzschmar: Will AD be able to beat his legendary ~120ft straight air from last year?

Yes - Adam

Delorme wasn't the only guy sending it! Here's Tom Granier heading to the moon...

kyvi: if you only got one week more of skiing for your whole life, what resort would you ski?

Probably Vallnord, Andorra. If I can pick a time, I'll say March.- Tom

Revelstoke, BC. Never been there but sounds all time.- Alex

Ruka of course! No doubt, it's the best!- Antti

zakattack66: How do you guys get along while you're on your trips? Especially the one in south america in the bus. You seem like you get along but do you ever get on each others nerves?

The bus was tight quarters but it felt like we were a squad of skiing RV tourists who listen to a lot of Metallica. You get some serious camaraderie going when you're cruising Argentina in a '66 Benz school bus. The living situation made that trip one of the best I've been on. - Duncan

veetuskag: who laid down the sickest trick today?

This has to be Arnaud. Ballsy dude. - Faction Staff

https://www.facebook.com/faction/videos/10154098952224207A little preview of Arnaud's 'Trick Of The Day'

Titus69: How does Alex Hall do those eff'd up rail tricks so easily?

I do back stretches so I can twist my body a lot. Or tall body, long legs. I don't know. Loads of ice cream too. - Alex

He eats like an elephant. - Dan

Shoey-Ski: When will you make a team version of one of those days? Adam delorme in a one of those days edit would be sick.

That would pretty sick - Adam

That would be really sick. With fondue? - Dan

kyvi: who takes the most beating on the hill?

Today it was Berman for sure. - Faction Staff

Squad life. Cody, Dan and Antti

joriza.ski: who can drink the most? Who can drink the most and still function?

Will Berman and Tom Granier.

Honorable mention goes to Patrik "Party Pat", our ski designer. - Faction staff

eheath: Can you just follow around Cheddar and Berman and keep a tally of how many alcoholic drinks they consume over the week?

Not sure we can't count that high. - Everyone

Dennis_Reynolds: Daniel, whats going on with smelly socks?

I actually broked my arm during preseason, got healed up, and had to do some comps with the national team and the Faction webisode shooting. But do'nt worry, there will be a new Smelly Socks pretty soon!! - Dan

One of the many fucked up features that sprouted around Verbier

Who usually guinea pigs the shit you guys hit in these videos? Is anyone a bit more ballsy about sending it and trying new or sketchy tricks?

Guinea is whoever's feeling it. It depends on the feature, and whoever's up for it. You can usually get a mutual feeling on who feels good. But if I had to say it I'd probably say Arnaud. Or Duncan. - Will

bluepr1nt: Etienne, you've had shots in most of the episodes but is it hard to spend all your time on these shoots filming rather than riding when you're on that same level and could be getting shots?

It's not that hard, I enjoy filming great stuff as much as skiing. Finding the right angle or making a great follow shot, I love that feeling as much as skiing. - Etienne

Keep you eye on NS for more exclusive content from the shoot, as well as the video drop on April 14th!