Faction: n. A group working within, but in opposition to, a larger group.

After years within the ski industry throughout the world, both as professional skiers and working for ski manufacturers themselves, we?ve got together to complete what we see as the missing link ? a ski company by skiers, for skiers.

Following hot on the heels of companies such as North America?s Line and Armada Skis, we?re aiming at the middle ? high end of the market, producing what we feel are the best all-mountain skis available. Twin tips, fat (88mm) waist, dual sandwich and cap construction, full poplar-birch wood cores, bi and triaxial fibreglass braiding around the core, ptex4000 bases.

For the first season we?re producing one model, available in 175 and 185cm lengths, with a different graphic for each length. The smaller size is perfect as a park and all-mountain ski for medium ability guys or big-mountain ski for advanced women skiers, while the 185 is the big-mountain ski for advanced male skiers.

Under testing for two seasons, the skis are hand-made in Annecy, France, and are available in limited numbers for the first year of production.

The company has been set up by Tony McWilliam, an Australian who has been living in the French alps for the last four years. Our team of skiers is made up of men and women ? Australian, Canadian, English and Swiss ? competing in big-mountain competitions throughout Europe, North America and the Southern Hemisphere. Experienced skiers like Ross Janzen and Martha Burley, as well as young up and comers like Sweden?s Kalle Fredrickson.

We are a small company dedicated to establishing a core market of passionate snowsports enthusiasts who are looking for an alternative to the mainstream brands.

Log onto http://www.factionskis.com to have a look and register your interest.

We're pretty damn excited about getting our dream started, and we hope you are too.

Kind regards

Tony McWilliam

Founder, Faction skis