I don't know today I'm just supper bored...I'm at school here supposed to being doing this world history elective course crud but instead I'm on NewSchooler.com " Awsome Site" Watching videos so not really bored in that aspect.

I'm just 100 percent hyper on the upcoming riding season but it just is not getting here fast enough for my liking. I reall miss chizling out the snow leaving hucked up carved markings all over the place.

Going big in the half pipe is something else I really enjoy along with the park but there just is not the snow to back it up damn it.

My brother and I had a couple of summer fall rail sessions with hijacked snow from the local rinks and all our skateboarding ramps it was alot of fun but the snow melted as usual after awhile.

So I'm bored because right now I can't ski so I'mm gunna have to just play ssx tricky on TOur.