So I'm the kind of guy who really likes having good internet.   I work on the internet, I visit websites, I download shit, I get my news there, etc... basically everything I need can come through one big fat internet cable. 

I used to use Videotron here in Quebec which I absolutely loved as its Cable internet and super fast.  However, videotron got rid of their unlimited download, and seeing as I use more than 135GB/month I need unlimited. 

So after moving into my new apartment, I decided to shop around to different internet providers.   Lo and behold, turns out that Bell Sympatico DSL service offers an unlimited package! 

I call them and excitedly order internet.   I clearly state to the guy on the phone that I absolutely DO NOT want a phoneline.   I use Vonage VOIP so I just need a dryloop DSL line.   He says no problem, and signs me up. 

Of course, the internet doesn't work.   It doesn't work for a week, and they say its supposed to be.   I call tech support, and am talking to people in india with accents so thick I can't understand them.   They're telling me to unplug and re-plug in my modem.   I tell them "look, I did that with the last 4 tech support people just send me a fucking technician!"

Anyways I get super pissed, and after 2 weeks of no internet I finally get a technician.   He takes 2 hours and finally finds out that there is in fact something wrong with the line, and that it should have been clearly obvious to anyone on tech support that there was this problem.  However he said now that they have all their tech support in india, rarely can you even get in touch with someone who can do anything to help you for real.   Great... 2 weeks of paying and shit internet.  The technician also says "Oh I'm just going to test your phoneline" which I respond to with "I don't have a phoneline"

He then uses his cellphone to call my home phone line and says "You sure do."

I start to get really angry and say "Are you fucking kidding me?   I told the fucking sales person that I didn't want a phoneline and frankly I'm pissed that I do."

Bell: 5   Doug:  0

Finally my internet connects, and I've got internet.   Sweet!    Excited I head on over to youtube to watch some meaningless shit... and what do I find?   My internet is so slow that it can't even play a youtube video smoothly. 

Great... back to tech support.  

"Hi... ok so my internet doesn't work AGAIN, I already had a technician in and I've got a phoneline that I explicitly said I didn't want.   AND I just logged on to my account and you're charging me for the phoneline."

"Well sir I can help you with the connection, but it is not my department to help you with the phoneline you will have to call our business office.   Can you please unplug your modem?"

At this point I start getting reeeeealy angry "Look, I've disconnected this modem like 40 times already and I'm not a fucking idiot.   Give me someone who knows what they're talking about."

I get transferred around and put on hold forever, and finally I get to talk to someone who lives in Toronto.   "Oh yeah your line has a terrible connection... oh and no I can't cancel your phoneline thats another department.   Oh and the business office is only open between 8am and 5pm."

Anyways, without rambling on too much I basically went through this for 4 months.   They racked me up a bill for $420 and refunded me about $170 of it.  This was only after swearing at multiple people, forcing tech support to 3 way call the business office for me, and being promised that this mystical "Senior connections technicians" would call me back only to leave me hanging for weeks. 

All along I had told every single person I talked to that they need to make a note in my account that I absolutely refuse to give them a single dime until they could prove to me that my internet would be fast, functional and not disconnect every 5 minutes (which it was doing for all but the last two weeks).    I come home on sunday only to find that "My internet has been suspended due to unpayment of my bill."

This was the last straw and I called absolutley furious.   I'm not a real snapper in these kind of situations, but I reeeealy lost it.  

"My internet sucks.   You're claiming that I owe $250 for internet that has been shit the entire time I've had it, and have had to waste rediculous amounts of hours on the phone with you people, who just aren't helping.   If you want to keep me as a customer, you need to re-fund my money and fix my fucking internet."

The guy had the guall to say "Well I'm sorry, you've already been given enough refunds and you've got to call tech support, the connection just isn't my problem."

I then lost it on him and claimed "Are you fucking kidding me?   Are you actually fucking serious?  Did you just say that?   If you don't refund my money right now I'm going to tell every friend I've ever had not to deal with Bell and I'm going to go on the website I work for that has a lot of potential Canadian customers and I'm going to tell every single one of the users not to use your company..."

I was interrupted at this point by "Your internet will be cancelled at midnight." <click>

The guy actually HUNG UP on me.    I considered going above him and fighting my case more, but frankly I'm over it and like a bad relationship I'm just happy to be out of it.   I'm now going back to videotron (and I'm getting the business one which IS unlimited) and I couldn't be happier. 

So please for gods sake don't use Bell Sympatico.   No matter what its not worth it, and you'll just want to kill yourself like I did.   4 months of constant calls to tech support and $250 later I've learned my lesson.   Tell your friends, your parents and anyone else who might sign up.   Also, if you're having problems with them now, fuck it walk away there's so many better options out there and I just don't think they're going to fix it.