Here Tomas Popritkin photographer showing us some of the best pictures i took in the biggest freestyle event in South America..

Like Windells but in Argentina!!

Jumps, Rails and more in FlyPark located Esquel, Patagonia, Argentina.

Some Pictures:

Skier: Nahue Medrano // cork720tail

Skier: Milton Prieto // truck driving

Skier: Tomi Weiss

Great set-up of the park with rare features to hit.. never seen before, HAND DRAG FLATSPIN!!

Skier: Fabricio Gugluielmetti // double backflip truck driver!!

Skier: Ivan Kuray // Back270out

Skier: Kiffer Franke // Double japan

Thanks for watching, we have lot of athletes in Argentina, making awesome progress traveling around the world to ski more and more. Good style and the best energies.

See you soon.. North hemisphere season is just around the corner and we are going to share it !!