A while ago whilst chilling with my homies and watching televison  a familiar infomercial  came on, an infomercial for Floam®. Promptly after the infomercial had finished pitching this fun-filled tiny foam ball and goo combination I claimed (half sarcastically) it was the best thing since sliced bread. My close freind Carlos was entertained by my enthusiasm for the product, and said that he was going to get it for me for my birthday. Well time went on, the seasons changed, as well as the people and I had completely forgotten all about Floam®... until my birthday rolled around when Carlos claimed to have a surprise in his car for me. Being thoroughly informed of the dangers of going out to someones car in such a manner I was hesitant, but decided to go anyway, I mean Carlos is my dog hes got my back, theres no way he would attempt to perform any seductive moves on me. So at his car reached into the back seat and brought forth what seems the equivalent of the holy grail. Yes, my freinds, it was indeed Floam® I was as excited as a little kid coming down the stairs on christmas. I hurried home to play with it YAY!

On this day I learned Carlos is good for his word and will not sexually molest me. I also learned Floam® is the shit!