dont get me rong i fuckin love skiin, but lovin somethin so much definitly has its down sides. i learned that once again today in school. it all started 3 period. i had study hall, so of course what do i do...whip out my freeskier mag,(who the fuck actually studies in study hall?) i was lookin at all the new skis and of course lookin at all of the ill pics. i woulda read some articles but it was 9 30 in the mornin and i tend to be a little remedial until after lunch. so anyways i dose of for a little bit and start dreamin about absolutly shreddin. i was rippin some back country AK and tearing apart some rediculous rails.

Next thing i no im being shaken vigourusly by my boy Tom. He of course is laughin hystarically because i just slept threw 3 classes and missed my first english and American Gov. Test. I shot up like someone hit me in the nutsack with a 9 iron and ran to my teachers that i missed. i tryed to explain to them what happend but apparently they arnt avid skiers and both decided to give me Fs. actually my American Gov. teacher asked me if i was takin a nap and i told him "No man,it was just a wicked long blink"(dont say that dosnt work)anyways if it wasnt for my love of skiing and that fuckin freeskier i never woulda failed i prolly woulda gotten a solid D.