Story and Pictures by: Pippin Lee

“You don’t learn that in school”- a kid blurts out, as head ski coach

Matt Dussault teaches the finer points to a growing audience of campers

the perfect way to dunk an over-sized cookie into his hot chocolate.

This is the Evolve Snow Camps culture at a point. A growing family,

streaming from freestyle junkies, Evolve Snow Camps are a raw mix of

talented top notch coaching with the passionate oversight to spread the

energetic culture of skiing. You can only wish you’re older brother

would have been this cool.

Evolve Snow Camp is a brain wave from the passionate minds of world

travelers and thrill seekers Daniel Rinzler and Jeff Richmond, who saw a

need in the community for a snow camp that pushes a positive culture of

skiing. Their vision of wanting to extend their love of action snow

sports to a culture that embodies the greatest way to learn skiing with

good friends, is a formula that leads to only one answer - good times.

The strong community that has built itself around Evolve boasts not only

on having a some of the best coaches, but also making the learning

process as smooth as possible. Learning is a great experience, only when

you’re able to give’r in an environment with those that know best.

Evolve brings some of the best in the business as coaches to help do

just that.

Why should your care about just another ski camp? Simply put, Evolve

isn’t like any other ski camp  - offering itself as being the only ski

camp that focuses on bringing top notch coaches into a camp that leaves

you wishing weekends were longer. Can you really compared a Saturday

finger bashing on video games, to shredding one of the best parks on the

east cost? It really shouldn't be too hard of a decision.

There are still spaces open for Evolve Snow Camps 2012 @ Mount St.Louis Moonstone. Enroll Before December 1st and receive a new Evolve Snap Back. or call 416-619-4521

Sunsets late in the season at Louis are always killer.

Mark Hunt, showing the kids how to get it done on the boxes.

Block 9 Media

Mark keeping it smooth and steezy.

"Learning new tricks and progressing keeps me stoked all season" - Philip G, Camper. "I have been to other programs in Ontario and you can't compare anything to Evolve Snow Camps" Philip

Matt Dussault will be in Whistler this year and missed by all for the 2012 season.

Matt Cousi has been with us for three seasons so far. This kid has progressed so much over the past few years and will be joining the Evolve Snow Camps crew as a CIT (Counselor in Training)

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