Evolve Chile Ski and Snowboard Camp Collaborates With Tahoe Dangerzone

Nick Visconti and Crew to Film from Chile

Denver – Evolve Chile Ski and Snowboard Camp teaming up with world-class snowboarder Nick Visconti and the Tahoe Dangerzone video crew for the 2010 season in Chile.

The collaboration will include 22 short web-exclusive episodes of the freshest snowboarding and the funnest antics - from Danger Zone’s Sierra home base in Truckee, Calif., to the South American Andes for Evolve Chile’s summer sessions.

“I caught one of Dangerzone’s episodes a few months back on the web and immediately felt like these guys are where the sport is heading right now - fun and back to the roots” said Evolve Chile Ski and Snowboard Camp Owner Daniel Rinzler.

“Their goal is to capture, via film, the essence of that feeling we all get just shredding with our friends and pushing each other to reach our potential. The end result is a web series that triggers an emotion everyone can relate to - just having great time in a positive environment,” he added.

Evolve Chile will host Dangerzone during its sessions in July and August 2010 in Chile. Each weekly episode will showcase snowboarding at its core with a mix of campers, coaches and guest professionals riding.

“We are proud and excited to line up with Evolve Chile,” said Visconti.

“Not only does Dangerzone advocate the creativity and fun of snowboarding, but we truly believe in the stimulation and inspiration of young minds. EvolveChile and affiliated Evolve programs capture the essence of love and passion for snowboarding and provide a positive outlet for youth. New experiences, expansive horizons and shredding - Dangerzone and Evolve Chile is the fresh new Collab,” he added.

Tahoe Dangerzone is made up of the antics and shredding of Nick Visconti, Brett Butcher, Joshua Parker, Brandon Cocard, John Foy, Taylor Carlton, Johnny Lazzareschi, Evolve Chile Coach Jason Robinson, Kyle Miller, Nial Romanek, Silver Steve Serino, Brendon Drury, Brent Oftedal and Brandan Gerard. Filmer Tim Bradley stands behind the lens capturing the action.

“Dangersone is a creative outlet for all things fun in the snowboarding industry A dangerous insight into the extremities of Tahoe living. Bangarang and Wowabunga,” said Visconti.

Log onto http://www.evolvechile.com or http://www.tahoedangerzone.com for more information.

Evolve Chile ski and snowboard camp is a unique program for skiers and snowboarders of all ages who love freestyle riding. The coaches and staff are more than just a group getting together for coaching and freeriding. Evolve Chile actively pursues opportunities to learn about surrounding cultures and give back through civil action projects. Our coaches focus on every aspect of freeriding and freestyle – from basic fundamentals to fine tuning the most difficult and technical tricks in the snowsports world. Evolve Chile coaches and staff work as a team to create a friendly and fun experience for everyone involved.