With eight hours of driving through Butch Cassidy's Backyard and one blown tire we rolled into Grand Junction Colorado around 1 am and started the set up process. Four exhausted hours later we all headed back to the hotel to grab a few hours sleep. We got the jam session rolling around noon and let the good times roll. Things were pretty laid back with one of our more chill contests this year so even the crew got to get some rail action in. Grand Junctions Finest showed up and brought the heat with switch pretzel 2's both ways being the norm, a few attempted six thirties, and a nice dose of presses which is always a good change of pace. We even saw two rocket gymnast snowboarders throw some stalefish backflips eggroll style, and a halfcab to front flip on the floppy fish. Good vibes were being felt by all and we had some hard battles for first place which went to Tim Riley with gap 270's to switch on the chopper flat down. and second place going to Tyler Hutchinson with switch on 450 out on the whale rail and cab cannon. also a shout out to the only female competitor Heather Hutchinson taking fourth place overall and Female best trick with some sweet blind 2's

we mostly filmed the Grand junction event and we are gonna drop a middle east west trip video on you when we get done with this leg of the trip around the start of July.

We took the set up down and headed out for Milwaukee the city of lakes, for those of you who haven't driven three Ford Pick up trucks towing rather heavily loaded trailers from Grand Junction, CO to Milwaukee, WI you are missing out on Two fourteen hour drive filled days through Flooded Tornado ridden country filled with Food Poisoning, Highways built out of Speed bumps, and toothless truckers reminding Mike never to forget about hot poontang. I suggest you leave that mystical trip through the heartland to us and come check out our next event at Laake and Joy's in Milwaukee we should have it set up the night before around 8 so we can session it a bit, so if you would like to see the set up the night before stop by and say hi. If not I hope to see a grip of people Friday getting their summer shred on.

Sunset in the great lake of Iowa