Like a mess that I didn't make nor can I ever clean up.  These countries I've been fortunate enough to experience and Im sure so many others like them across the globe - we've tainted them without even knowing we would.  Our bogus sense of "progress."  Our endless line of products... our "luxuries," our "necessities" such as new automobiles and cellular phones....our "beauty" products and shitty designer wear.  Everything that has stripped Americans of our Individuality....our Freedom.  We have simply passed it on to others.  They grasp it with pride and admiration like we taught them to.  They love to have it and loathe it when they don't.  They consume it and it consumes them....steals their time and resources and replaces it with ego,  jealousy, and greed. 

The funny thing is... they don't even understand why I think its a huge plop of shit.  Im American so I love this stuff.  Im American so I feed my children Macdonalds and eat it in front of the television set washing down the night with some viagra powerd sex on my king size bed fresh out the box shipped directly to your suburban doorstep from a factory in China.   Many of us is the States are hopelessly lost in these ills but I can't help but hope that most, or at least some of us are conscious to the problem.  Its just that they haven't experienced these things yet like the western world has.  They're still honeymooning with disposable everything and tommy hilfiger when alot of us have divorced it all together. 

The weight of this burden falls on every single human being aware of the filth.  Our multinational bullshit companies have tainted things long enough and it makes me want another 40 days and 40 nights of rain to eradicate this widespread ignorance or mankind altogether....either way will save the earth and maybe humanity.