This is a shot of my little brother Nick. Being 6’2 and running a power saw all summer he really isn’t my ‘little’ brother. Nick and my cousin Josh came to Retallack this year to help set up the Red Bull Cold Rush. It was one of the funnest trips of the year for me. I don’t get to ski with Nick or Josh much so it was great to spend some time with family. After spending a few days working with a snow cat and shovel the build was finished. We had a day leftover to go ski. Retallack gave us a cat and we went and got after it. With the group we had we were able to ski some pretty fun terrain. Nick Tee’d up this sender and flew the whole thing. Nick is one of my favourite people to ski with simply because he charges so hard. He’s strong and stomps everything. It was really cool to watch him send so many cliffs and ski so many lines. It was his first time catskiing so he was more pumped than anyone. He definitely didn’t waste any time destroying the Retallack terrain. The plan for this season is to get Nick out sledding as much as I can and watch him destroy some serious big mountain. Keep an eye out for lots more of Nick this season.