Dane Tudor, John Spriggs and Pete Alport rolled into Revelstoke in mid January. Uncharacteristically it was sunny in Revelstoke for a week straight. We had some storms roll through early in the week then it broke and stayed blue. Fog in the Valley bottom but nothing but sun up high. We took advantage of what the weather gave us. We found this zone just outside of Revelstoke and it presented us with a multitude of options and ideas. It had everything from lines to jump spots. It was a large untouched zone and we all went separate directions and built our own things. After having a very successful morning we had shredded the zone pretty hard. But, there was one feature still staring us in the face. Next thing we know, Dane is up on top slipping in an in run. It was such a dramatic feature; big gap, cornice, chute, ice, slough falling off the side, very cool. But it had a very flat landing. Almost too flat. Dane stepped up that day and sent it. He did 3 of these banger switch 5′s until he was perfectly happy with his grab and landing. You can see in Revolver that he had plenty of impact on landing but he stomps almost everything he attempts. I had a great week skiing with Dane, he definitely pushed me all week and I was stoked on what came out of that week.