Bene is a boss. His segment in PBP’s Revolver has shown that he is one of the top young guys leading the charge. His performance at Red Bull Cold Rush showed he can shred the shit out of anything put in front of him. I had the pleasure of skiing with him this year at Cold Rush and in Whistler. This specific day when I took this photo was amazing. Bene had rented a sled for the week and hadn’t spent much time on a snow machine. At first I was a little nervous about bringing him up being so fresh to sledding. Usually, you end up waiting and helping dig out a sled all day rather than getting shots. This was not the case. Bene has a strong background in Motocross and picked up sledding as fast as anyone I have ever seen. We went deep into the Pemberton backcountry to an amazing zone where the glacial ice starts calving off. Bene and Charley built this jump while Henitiuk and I skied some lines nearby. After skiing our lines we made our way over to help lap them on the jump. As you can see this was a very big jump and the sun had been hitting the landing all day and was becoming variable very fast. This didn’t stop Bene from pulling out one of the nicest switch misty 9′s I’ve seen. It was so much fun to sit back and watch him and Charley throw down in the afternoon light. Bene has so much attention to detail in his skiing. He is not happy until his jump, line, trick is perfect in his mind and eyes. I think he nailed this one. Everyone got shots that day and we went home happy. I’m sure we celebrated with beers at Jeffy’s house after. Looking forward to shredding with my German friend more this season.