This shot of Mike Henitiuk was taken just outside of Whister. It was a sketchy avy cycle so we stayed in pretty mellow terrain. We spent the previous afternoon building this jump in a big snow storm. The next day it was pretty sunny, we were stoked. We get up to the jump and start putting in the high mark to get to the top of the in-run. It had snowed lots the night before so it was a difficult little punch to the top. In the process of getting up there I got my sled stuck. With the position I was in it was easiest to pull my sled around and roll it over. As I was doing this I didn’t pull my skis off my sled. This was a big mistake. As I was pulling my sled around I heard a big crunch. I knew instantly what I had done. My ski pinched against my sled tunnel and broke right behind my heal piece. Long story short, that was the end of my day. But, being so close to Whistler I called Armada from spot I was digging my sled out and ordered a new pair of JJ’s. They were on my doorstep the next morning!

The rest of the boys started the session on the jump while I took pics and doubled them to the top of the in-run. Mizz stomped this awesome flat 7 first try. It set off a little slab on the landing and it showed everyone how touchy the conditions were. Mizz didn’t care about a little slough on the landing and continued to move to different spots on the landing. Even though I didn’t get to session the day kicked ass and I got some cool shots.